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Virus Removal JohannesburgKeeping you computer safe from malware and hackers is not a rocket science.Here on fixit4u we will tell you some of the best ways to keep your computer secure and away from hacking.

Use super hard to guess passwords

Hard to guess passwords having eight or extra characters, and consist of a mix of numbers, lowercase letters, capital letters, and special characters. We will suggest that please do not ever use words that can be found easily in the dictionary or frequent names, and do NOT use your name!



Always be apprehensive of unanticipated e-mail and attachments.

Do not untie email attachments you are not expectant, yet if they are from someone you know.  Viruses from your associate’s computer can propel themselves to you! We will suggest you that if you have any problem with your email account and including virus problem we will provide you the best services in Virus Removal Johannesburg.



Often download security updates.

Safety measures updates and patches for your personal computer or laptop and other software will keep your data concealed from hackers. (Windows/Macintosh)

Recognize the risks connected with file sharing.

Programs to share music/movies make your computer susceptible and unlock to attack!  Be sure to by no means give right of entry to your computer through file sharing plan.


Always Use a firewall.

A firewall is a primary footstep in maintenance your computer hidden from the trespasser. Your computer’s firewall is robotically enabled by default.If you are not able to configure your firewall correctly then fixit4u is here to help you.

Use well-known anti-virus software.

Be sure to keep it up-to-date and to scan for viruses daily. If you are having trouble in running antivirus then Fix it for 4 can help you in many ways.Also if you are looking for Virus Removal Johannesburg,Virus Removal Sandton,Virus Removal Randburg,Virus Removal Roodepoort then we are the best choice.

Use anti-spyware software.

Maintain your anti-spyware programs rationalized and scrutinize your computer daily.  Do your best to keep away from spyware by not clicking on apprehensive links or popup windows.  If you meet with the certain problem then feel free to contact us, we can serve you in different destination for Virus removal services such as Virus Removal Johannesburg, Virus Removal Sandton, Virus Removal Randburg, Virus Removal Roodepoort.


Keep secures your computer before course home for breaks.

Be in no doubt you are up-to-date with your anti-virus software and your laptop computer as well.  When you are at home, be sure to put into practice cautious internet Surfing.

Backup your important files.

Save you’re most significant files in your SSS or ESS folder. This makes certain that your files will be obtainable in the occasion of a hard drive collide or another unexpected event.

Always turn off your computer when not in use.

Turning off your laptop and computer is the safest thing to do when it is not in use.  It prevents hackers from in advance entry to your computer, it keeps your workstation from overheating, and it saves energy to boot!




Ensuring computer security is some time headache for a non-tech guy.If that is the case then you can shoot us a call or find us in the following locations. fixit4u is operating in various Areas Virus Removal Johannesburg, Virus Removal Sandton, Virus Removal Randburg, Virus Removal Roodepoort.We will keep your data secure safe and upto date with our advance virus removing services in Johannesburg.You can also visit our Blog for reading more useful information here fixit4u blog.




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